TT 218 - The Pricing Conundrum

March 07, 2022 FOOLYBOO Season 7 Episode 6
TT 218 - The Pricing Conundrum
Show Notes

This week we invited the Patreons to joins us live while we recorded the show. And by live we mean via Zoom. Oh Zoom.
This episode covers:

  • The Price increase announced by Rivian. (Spoiler alert!) We recorded it prior to Rivian walking back the increase for existing reservation holders...So it might sound like we don't know what we are talking about. Nothing new there.
  • A fundraising  challenge for An incredible organization that is responding to climate based disasters around the globe with the simple mission of feeding people.
  • A supercharger update
  • We discuss the war in Ukraine and it's potential to speed up Europe's transition to green energy
  • Media picks
  • "Ask us anything" with the Patreons

We hope you enjoy this episode.

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