Episode 195: FSD!

March 09, 2021 FOOLYBOO Season 6
Episode 195: FSD!
Show Notes

Breaking News:  ELON Opening up FSD BETA Program (on Twitter)

Why do we not know how many people are in the beta? 10x is kinda meaningless without that data. 

  1. Watched an interesting video,< showing an intersection and unprotected left turn when the opposing driver did not take the right of way and was an indicator of how the FSD reacts to that. 
  2. Missed an entrance to a driveway and navigated to the next driveway 
  3. Attempted to drive FSD into a self wash - Successful or not? Guesses from the boys!! 
    1. Interesting edge case - can you guys think of any others like this? 
    2. Does not slow down for the dips and bumps in the road - Would that be a warranty repair? Interesting thing to discuss. 
  4. Delivery Truck double parked - How did the FSD do here? 

Will Robert be getting FSD beta?

  • When Tesla expanded FSD beta from social media influencers (was in 2-phases, 20 then 100) to all Tesla Owner Club leadership in early November 2020, expected users would increase from 100 -> 1,000. I did not receive confirmation though I asked for it, chalked it up to disarray at Tesla. Turns out nearly half of club leaders have legacy cars without the necessary hardware.
  • How you Talking Tesla Nation can get on the list:
  • Email include VIN & if you paid for FSD (a requirement for the first waves of Beta testers) or ….
  • Tesla's CEO Elon Musk announced that the Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta program size is doubling now with the new 8.2 software update

Talking Tesla Twitter Poll: If you are a two car family and looking to get your second EV what sort of range would you be looking for?

  • Looks like a Mel-phenomenon, “longer is better”

Tesla’s yoke is no joke:

  • Looks like the yoke will be an option after original sightings are were all just full circle steering wheel:

  • Photo by The Killowatts
  • Randy Pobst and The Killowatts:
    • Prefers a round wheel
    • Concerned about turning more than 90 degrees
    • Will be AWK in parking
    • Thinks maybe a quicker turning wheel will do
      • Could be speed dependent as well
  • WE posted a couple videos on TT twitter
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