TT 202: It's a Plaid Plaid World

June 22, 2021 FOOLYBOO Season 6
TT 202: It's a Plaid Plaid World
Show Notes

Tesla club la - Santa Clarita supercharger meetup and Plaid S 

  • Marge - a member of the LA Tesla club and all around good person was one of the first 25 delivered at the event in Fremont
  • Was kind enough to bring it to see in person
  • It’s white - has full self driving - 21” wheels - carbon fiber trim -
  • Sitting in it is great - the display just works. So much better in landscape position. And I like how it’s built into the dash instead of floating like in the 3 
  • The yoke was really low so you could really see the binnacle very well. 
  • Fit and finish seems very good. Almost hand built I imagine since it was first 25. 
  • The roof is super dark - seemed much darker than my model three was in 2017 - and even darker than the tint I have on mine now.
  • The door handle design was great and seemed much more traditional than the original s design - which I also liked a lot
  • The inside of the front hood is redesigned 
  • Running software v10.2
  • There seemed to be a ton of controls and settings for the suspension,but since I have not been in an model s for a good long while I am not sure if that is been like that for a while.
  • I’ll add the photos an maybe they will go on Instagram 
  • Seat were comfortable and the mover the lumbar adjuster to in front of the seat back and forward and back adjustment knobs 
  • Franz autographed it under the hood
  • Pockets in the door will hold a water bottle sort of
  • The little rear screen was cool , it be great if it was bigger but that’s pretty nitpicky
  • Center console seems a few inches higher. Than in the previous S. Especially right under the dash and wear the phone goes. A really good high ergonomically
  • Had alcantara headliner-is this standard in S?
  • The graphics are very nice and the screen does seems noticeably higher def/res
  • Dashboard seems narrower than on the 3 which is maybe where the additional room in the rear comes from
  • Feels very roomy in both the front and back
  • It’s new but it’s a Tesla unmistakable design aesthetic 
  • If you’ve been waiting. For a redesign.. wait no more.

Trickle down: What Plaid features do you expect to see in other Teslas or EVs ? Pick 3

  • Smaht Shift
    • Model S will auto-magically determine if you want to go into forward or reverse. 
  • Yoke Steering wheel
  • Lithium ion 12v battery 
  • Entertainment:
    • The Model S’s entertainment system uses graphics processing system that is on par with processors found in the newest console game controllers. The 17” center screen can pan towards the driver for better visibility. HVACin the rear can be controlled by a small rear touch screen along with being able to watch movies and play video games. 
    • Video game level processing
    • Rear Screen
    • Tilt monitor
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