TT 207: Salt and Pepper Vegan Leather

September 24, 2021 FOOLYBOO Season 6
TT 207: Salt and Pepper Vegan Leather
Show Notes

Salt and Pepper:

TESLA,THE STOCK & EV STORIES“Hey SIRI, what’s Tesla’s stock price?”

HEY ALEXA, What’s Telsa’s Stock Price?
  UPDATE graph:

Shell powers up plans to install 50,000 Ubitricity EV charge points 

U.S. Democrats propose dramatic expansion of EV tax credits that favors Big Three (pg 282)


  • The Bill’s Details
    • This is in the House Ways and Means Committee and has come out of committee and will most probably change. 
    • No cap per manufacturer
    • Must be able to plug in (HYBRIDS INCLUDED? Blah!) and:
      • “which is propelled to a significant extent by an electric motor which draws electricity from a battery which”
    • Phases out in Dec 31, 2031
    • Credit at point of sale (Yay!)
    • Income limit (under $800k joint/$400k/yr income (NET?)) then phase out loses $200 of credit for every $1000 over 800/400k
    • Vehicle Price Limit (less than 14 Gross Vehicle Weight)
      • $55k for Sedan
      • $69k for SUVs
      • $74k for pickups
      • $64k for vans
      • 2&3 wheeled Vehicles
  • $4000 (additive)
    • Thru 2023 for any EV with 7khw
    • Thru 2031 10 kwh
    • Requires US final assembly after 2026
  • $3500 (additive)
    • 2023 - Battery Capacity above 40kwh
    • 2031 - Battery Capacity above 50kwh
  • $4500 (additive)
    • “Domestic Assembly”
      • “The term ‘domestic assembly qualifications’ means,with respect to any new qualified plug-in electric vehicle, that the final assembly of such vehicle occurs at a plant, factory, or other place which is operating

under a collective bargaining agreement negotiated

by an employee organization (as defined in section

12(c)(4)), determined in a manner consistent with section 7701(a)(46).” 

Congressional Comments

  • Rep. Dan Kildee tells reporters it's a "possibility" they will change the union provision of proposed EV tax credit legislation if there's another way to reward companies w/ very high labor standards. "It's been a difficult path" to find a compromise "but we're open to it."
  • But both Kildee
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